Kombucha is a fermented tea elixir that promotes a wide variety of health benefits. It’s mother culture is made up of tiny microorganisms known as “probiotics” which are naturally found in our intestines. Drinking this antioxidant rich elixir promotes our healthy microbiome of bacteria in the gut and has been shown to boost the immune system, reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, and even promote a healthy brain! This specific recipe recommends turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory root that helps reduce inflammation and boost antioxidants in the body. Not only does kombucha promote a healthy mind and body, it’s also incredibly delicious!

I recommend purchasing a kombucha kit online which comes with everything you need to start brewing your first batch! I used Leona Kombucha Tea Starter Kit which can be found on Amazon for $40 and contains all the supplies you need to make two batches. One batch filled ~6 (16 oz.) jars so the kit supplies ~12 jars of kombucha. This is a great deal considering one 16 oz. jar of kumbucha can range anywhere from $4 – $8. I also prefer to make my own so I can experiment with different flavors (see below for suggested flavors)!

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* makes ~ 12 (16 oz.) jars of kombucha


  • 2 Tbsp. loose black, green, or white tea
  • 1 cup pure cane sugar
  • 12 cups filtered water
  • 1 starter “SCOBY” (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)
  • optional – fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, lemon, cayenne pepper, or apples
  • 1 gallon jar
  • 6 (16 oz) sealable jars – like mason jars
  • pH strips
  • reusable tea bag
  • cheese cloth
  • rubber band
  • thermometer

*makes ~ 6 (16 oz.) jars of kombucha

  1. Place 4 cups water in medium saucepan and bring to boil
  2. While waiting for water to boil, place loose tea inside reusable tea bag
  3. Once boiling, remove from heat and add tea bag – let sit for ~ 8-10 minutes
  4. Remove tea bag and add sugar – stir until dissolved
  5. Add 8 cups filtered water to gallon jar and pour tea mixture into gallon jar
  6. Wait for temperature to reach ~80 degrees F and add SCOBY with all accompanying fluid
  7. Dip pH strip into tea and make sure pH is below 4.5
    • if too high, add vinegar until it reaches lower pH level
  8. Place cheese cloth over jar and secure with rubber band
  9. Store kombucha in a dark place at room temperature for 7 days
  10. After a week has passed, check pH levels to see it’s not higher than 4
    • if too high, add vinegar until desired pH level is reached
  11. Remove SCOBY and store in glass container with 1 cup kombucha in fridge
    • this can be used for future brews!
  12. Strain kombucha with mesh strainer to remove any lingering SCOBY
  13. Divide strained kombucha into sealable glass jars and leave ~ 1 inch of room at the top
  14. Now, add any flavors you’d like! I used ~ 1 tsp. fresh turmeric per jar but you can do different flavors for different jars and be creative!
  15. Seal each jar tightly shut and let sit in dark place at room temperature for another 1-2 days
  16. Place in fridge and enjoy!!

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