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Hello! Our names are Sydney Younggreen and Brenna Kelley and we are students at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Our blog is full of simple, plant-based and gluten free recipes that require minimal ingredients and time. We met freshman year in the dorms and have been inseparable ever since. We LOVE learning about nutrition and cookin’ up delicious, healthy creations together. Scroll down to read our bios! Explore our site for some amazing and simple recipes!


Hey everyone! My name is Sydney Younggreen and I’m studying Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder. My studies of the human body have inspired my interests in nutrition and wellness. I am also extremely passionate about all things food. I love to learn about how it’s grown, how it affects our bodies and the planet, how to make it taste delicious, and ultimately how it brings people together. My interest in food started at a very young age, but my recent experience with a digestive illness has turned that interest into a passion. During my second year of college my body started to fall apart due to poor food choices and habits. As my symptoms progressed I desperately searched for answers by visiting numerous western doctors, chiropractors, as well as naturopathic doctors. When my efforts failed me over and over again, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and radically change my diet. I chose to eat strictly organic, whole, plant-based foods for a month, cutting out anything that could be exacerbating my symptoms. Within no time my energy came back, my digestion improved, and my stomach pains with eating completely went away. Eating this way was a difficult transition at first, but luckily my interest in cooking made things a lot easier. I love experimenting with a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, nuts and spices to create healthy dishes that don’t skimp out on flavor. I am by no means perfect, but I adhere to this whole food, plant-based lifestyle most of the time and I am a happier, healthier, more vivacious person as a result. I’m very excited to be sharing our delicious, nutritious recipes with you all. I hope to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent disease and become their best self!

Hi, I’m Brenna Kelley! Working on the Earth to Fork blog is my all time favorite thing to do on days when I’m not bombarded with homework. I’m currently studying psychology, leadership, and global public health at the University of Colorado Boulder and will graduate in the Spring of 2018 – wohoo! My passion lies in anything food related, especially when it comes to plant-based dishes because eating lots of fresh produce and grains is when I look and feel my best. I believe eating a plant based diet brings about positive results for personal health, the environment, and animal welfare. I became interested in a plant-based diet when I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and read The China Study. I believe that filling your body with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to feel energized and prevent some of the most common diseases Americans are faced with, such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. I recognize that animal products provide essential vitamins and nutrients like B-12 and are also a convenient source of protein. So, I like to eat a plant-based diet most of the time while including high-quality, ethically raised animal products a few times/month. While I’m not perfect, I try to stick to this system because it truly makes me feel so much more energized and vibrant when I fill my belly with fresh plant-based products. This blog serves as a platform to show others how yummy and easy plant-based foods can be to eat and cook!